RC Studio is a forward-thinking boutique consultancy firm, that supports responsible marketing. We offer coaching, workshops and consulting to entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporations.

How it all started...

As a kid, our founder Christina. immediately embraced the new digital world. When she was 12 years old, she dove into PPC (Pay-per-Click) to find ways to earn money on the side, until she decided a few years later to launch her own website and start selling products online. At the time, digital marketing and technology were nascent, but the future looked very promising!

Fast-forward to 2021, Christina has a 14-year digital marketing experience within renowned companies. Her portfolio includes, among others,  Philips, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Reckitt and Shell, companies that hired her to accelerate their online presence, define their innovation track and increase their online revenue. 

Her natural curiousity has been the driving factor throughout those years - as a student, she was following  the digital developments, while she was implementing her learnings in her own companies. She has launched dozens of companies and built them from the ground up using her digital knowledge to turn them into successful businesses. 

Around 2018 she decided to share her knowledge with entry level digital professionals through coaching sessions. Next to that, she decided to start coaching businesses in a non-profit basis, aiming to improve their digital reach and increase their revenie... 

The RC Studio is born... 

In 2018 Christina decided to found the RC Studio to share her knowledge with entry level digital professionals through coaching sessions. Her focus started expanding, and she gradually started launching workshops, coaching sessions and consulting services to start-ups, solopreneurs and corporations. 

Her team has grown to include more digital specialists, industry professionals who understand the digital landscape and have a strong background in digital marketing. 

RC Studio isn't your typical digital industry. Our unique values are reflected into our personalities and approach:

An Ethical approach to digital. Ethicality characterizes our work and approach to digital. We won't practice solutions that negatively impact our society or misinform our clients and end users.
Transparency. We are very transparent in the way we operate. We don't sugar-coat solutions, and we transparently communicate the impact of any decisions, whether those are related to business or technology choices.
Honesty. We are here to help our clients. As such, we won't sell you solutions you don't need and we will disclose all the information we have because we believe the best decisions are based on having all facts. 

Business Information

RC Studio is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Our office is located in the canal area of the city center, and can be found at the following address:

Keizersgracht 520H
1017EK, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The company is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, under the following information: 

KvK Number: 70994641
VAT Number: NL002506419B40